Artistic – Rebecca Elsdon

I (Rebecca) am very lucky that where I live is surrounded by lovely architecture. Most of my photographs are considered as ‘fine art photography” which is where the photographer  is not just taking a photograph to snap a second of their life to remember what happened, but rather I’m creating a piece of art, but instead of a brush I use a camera to express my vision.



Multplicity[4055]This is one of the techniques I learned at college it’s called ‘cloning’. I don’t tend name my photographs but this photograph I decided to call it ‘my sofa has been invaded.’ Cloning photography is where you have one subject in one single frame, for the photograph my main subject in the teddy bear.  I don’t have the all the photography gear, I just use what I have around the house. You are supposed to use a tripod I used a speaker that is on the TV stand, then a digital camera to take the photo. I used the TV speaker that is on top of the TV stand therefore, the background stays the same and doesn’t jump around.



IMG_20190204_175502_999 I participated a photo walk in my town on a cold, snow, icy Sunday. Everything looked gloomy grey colour, then walked through a subway that loads of graffiti, bright colours. I just passed this sort corrugated iron looking door, the bright red got my attention when I stopped to look at in more detail I know I had to take a photo of it, it makes you stop in your track to inspect it, it’s not just red, when you look at in more details you can see it has more colours. Where I was standing, you can see all the crimped metal going to the same vanishing points. It reminded me that if you want to get to A to B it doesn’t what route you take as you will get there eventually.  



DSC_0030I been over this Millennium bridge so many times and keep getting the same image. I decided to look for the small details why this bridge is special. When I walked over this bridge on this day it was raining and thought I could capture the raindrops. I like this image leads you in the photo, it makes you focus on the raindrops then takes you across the bridge.




In Newcastle we have have seven bridges, one of my favourite bridge is the high level bridge not surprising the most photographed bridge I take is the high level bridge followed by the Millennium bridge. During my unit I did at college we had a workshop about what makes an interesting photo, and of the things to make an interesting photo is to frame a photograph. No! I don’t mean putting an actual frame on your photo, but use natural things to frame you subject. I was walking on the high level bridge looking down on the Quayside, wondering how can I frame this. Walked up and down the high level bridge a few times and stammered across a semicircle gap. I also created the image in black and white.


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