Birds – Rebecca Elsdon

If i’m not at home drinking tea and doing college work. You will find me in nature taking pictures nature and wildlife I have a thing for swans, Egyptian Goose and Mallard Ducklings.


This is my first attempt at photographing a robin, and I cannot seem to get another photo of a Robin this good, either its blurry or I just get a photograph of a tree.



IMG_20190225_210517_866This is a picture I took at Whiteknights lake at University of Reading campus, its buzzing full of wildlife. Loads of swans, Canadian geese, Egyptian Goose and Egyptian Goslings. You don’t normally me see a swan outside of the water and just see how big the birds are. I’m surprised at how close I was available to get to. Normally I get attack when photographing swans. I like the face expression the swan is giving, quite appropriate. Do you know, if you want to take a photograph of me, you have to have my permission? Remember that GDPR!!


thumbnail_imageThis picture is taken in Sandhurst Swan lake!! An hour before the sunset which is known as the golden hour. A warm winter evening, it doesn’t not who’s breath it was, but the with golden light and just me around, Swans Breath is Magical.



thumbnail_image (1)This photo is also taken at Sandhurst Swan lake. When all the swans come together I could of have taken a group shot however I end up shooting was was a Mute on it’s own!!



IMG_20190225_202134_791This photo is taken at Whiteknights lake at University of Reading campus. I just wanted to the head of the Egyptian Goose so I can put the photo in photoshop and do a technique called low-poly, which is what you tend to see in 3D computer graphics.



P1010839P1010758These two photos have been also been taking at Whiteknights lake at University of Reading campus. It was first time seeing Egyptian Goslings never mind taking a photograph of them!



IMG_20190502_173312_320If i’m in nature, I tend to lie down. For me, it’s more than just the physical action, it is a way to understand things, to empty my mind and truly see things differently. Most of all, it is the way I deal with my feelings. Whenever and wherever I feel I do not belong, I lie on the ground. This photo is taken at Leazes park in Newcastle. I called him Mr Ducky Duck! I lied down on the ground, see things from a duckling point of view is so refreshing!


thumbnail_image (2)Another photos of the Mallard Ducklings from Leazes park, I even called them all names. Puddles, cheese and Quakers, Sir QUACKS-A-LOT, Duck Duck, Quack Attack, Quackerjack, Feathers, Waddles, Squeak and Quackmore Duck, all sunbathing around by the water.


IMG_20190503_092158_168Mr Ducky Duck, Donald the Duck,  Quakers, Lucky Duck, Firequacker, Waddles and James Pond all snuggling up ready for their afternoon nap.

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