Hi there, Thanks for visiting! April was a better month and I'm really pleased with the photos I've taken and the connections I've made. I'm excited about the coming months - lots of things in the pipeline. I'm constantly expanding my portfolio. One of the things that brings me joy is when a photograph connects… Continue reading April

March – Mostly Completed

March was a difficult month for me. I've really struggled with my health and not been out much to take photos. To be fair a lot of my photos have either been of food, places visited, or things I've made. There are a few photos that I'm particularly fond of though. Here is the link… Continue reading March – Mostly Completed

February Complete!

Two months down, ten to go! I can hardly believe how quickly we are racing through 2019. To be in March already has taken me slightly by surprise. It doesn't seem that long ago that I wrote about January being completed, as far as my photography challenge goes. So, here is February complete: (OK, so… Continue reading February Complete!

Pet Photography

This past 6 weeks have seen me start up the pet photography branch of my business. It's been an adventure, and a steep learning curve, but one that I've thoroughly enjoyed. I couldn't have asked for 3 nicer clients, and their pets were amazing and a joy to photograph. When I put my first advert… Continue reading Pet Photography

January Complete

So, at the beginning of 2019, I set myself the challenge of taking a photo everyday. My hope was that this would boost my mood. Unfortunately that hasn't been the case. However, I do feel a sense of achievement for having completed a whole month of taking photos - albeit, mostly fairly rubbish ones on… Continue reading January Complete

Rafaelle Photo-Shoot – Number 2

Today I welcomed the lovely Gemma, the owner of Rafaelle, to my house, for her second product photo-shoot. Here's a photo from 'behind the scenes': It's nice that we met each other at a local fete, and networked with each other to promote each others business'. Here are some photographs from today's shoot:

Reflections and Ambitions

As the New Year approaches I've started to think about what I might like to do in 2019. 2018 has seen me start up my business under the name of Morning Coffee With Abba Ltd, with trading names Hannah Kirk Artist and Hannah Kirk Photography. It's been equally exciting as nerve-wrecking. So far I have had 4 stalls and even managed to make a couple of online sales too. That has in itself been somewhat remarkable. 

This is not quite the start

In January and February, this year, I spent some time in hospital. While there I discovered that my new found creativity was the most effective part of my recovery. I discovered that writing was a new found love of mine. So, I started a Christian blog called Morning Coffee With Abba. In August, I decided that I’d actually like to sell my photography and artwork as a way of funding my writing. So, I started a business using the same name as my blog. However, this presented me with some problems.