Model Release Form and Contract

This release relates to photography by Hannah Kirk Photography of Morning Coffee With Abba Ltd., in which I understand that I, and my children/family will be featured.

By signing this release document (the Release), I confirm that:

I’m irrevocably giving my consent to Hannah Kirk Photography, to use the photographs taken of me, and any other children or adults in my party (please delete any that you don’t agree too) by a) uploading to social media b) uploading onto her website c) using for marketing purposes and advertising Hannah Kirk Photography.

I’m irrevocably giving my consent to Hannah Kirk Photography to edit, modify, crop, add to, or subtract from the photograph (or any part of it) at her discretion and without my approvals save that the photographs will not represent me, or the other people in the photographs, in a derogatory manner, and then publish the photographs in any of the ways listed above.

The photographer is not obliged by me to use the photos as listed above. However, I agree that by her using the photographs in any of the ways described above, the photographer will not be committing any infringement or violation whatsoever relating to any of my personal and/or property rights, and I therefore waive any such claims that I may have had in respect of such rights.

The photographer owns at all times, now and in the future, all rights, title and interest (including copyright) and is therefore unrestricted from selling or otherwise disposing of the photographs in its sole discretion. I waive any moral rights that I may have in the photographs, and to the extent that I am now, or at any point in the future, deemed to own any other rights (including copyright) of the photographs, I hereby assign (by way of future assignment) all such rights to the photographer.

I warrant that:

I have full power to enter into this Release;

I am over the age of eighteen; and

the terms of this Release do not in any way conflict with any existing commitment that I have.

Reference to “the photographs” in this release includes:

  1. all of the original negative digital files;
  2. all edited versions of it, or any part of it, made by the photographer.

This Release represents the entire agreement between the photographer and me and completely subsumes any and all prior written or verbal representations, discussions and accords that may have taken place between us. Additionally, except as agreed within its terms, the Release does not grant any third parties any rights over the terms, rights, powers and obligations contained within it.

The Release is created and agreed according to the law of England and Wales, the courts of which shall be the relevant and competent courts to resolve any disputes between the parties.

Agreed and accepted by:

Name of Releaser